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- Commissioned Pieces . . . for your singing group, a special CD you’re planning, an anniversary or other special event.
- Clinics/Master Classes/Conducting/Performing . . . for your community, festival, school, all-city/county/state choirs, or convention.
- Vocal Coaching & Improvisation . . . for Jazz & Pop singers at all levels of ability, Kirby is a Master Teacher. Whether you’re just getting started with stylistic know-how or going to a competition and need to get better in a hurry, Kirby can help you.
- Just 4 Kicks . . . is a zany 4-man a cappella vocal ensemble specializing in Jazz. Click here!
- Jefferson State Choral Coalition . . . is the Community choir Kirby directs in Ashland, Oregon.
Click here to see Kirby’s Just 4 Kicks arrangements available for purchase.
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