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- Vocal Coaching & Improvisation . . . for Jazz & Pop singers at all levels of ability, Kirby is a Master Teacher. Whether you’re just getting started with stylistic know-how or going to a competition and need to get better in a hurry, Kirby can help you.
"Kirby Shaw was indeed all that he was supposed to be,-- and then some. What enthusiasm! The idea of getting away from the 'written' rhythm on a sheet of music was a frightening thing to me. Improvisation is a whole new world,-- one I admittedly had been totally unprepared to explore up to now. The workshop and Kirby Shaw have changed all of this."
"It was fun and educational to sing the blues riffs. This actual 'doing' of the music was a most valuable way of implanting an idea. That kind of experience I could use a lot more of!”
"Shaw, an advocate and purveyor of musical fun, sang in a truly different language from anyone, anywhere at any time ever. He used the top, bottom and middle of his range, launching at one point into an imitation of a bass and then of a drum!"
Workshop Example 1: “The Art of Singing Jazz & Pop Music” Singers are pre-auditioned for the chance to work one-on-one with Kirby. In a classroom setting where the singers share and learn from one another, each performs a song. Kirby then identifies the singer’s strengths and enables him/her to achieve a more professional level of performance.
Kirby has scatted one-on-one with such notables as Bobby McFerrin, Al Jarreau, Jon Hendricks (who once told Kirby . . . “Man, you don’t make mistakes!”), Mark Murphy, Greta Matassa, and Chris Calloway.
Workshop Example 2: Invite as large a group of singers as you'd like to get together on a weekend to sing some of Kirby’s music. You can sing to recorded instrumental tracks or have a live rhythm section and end the workshop with a concert.
Click here to preview Kirby’s “Instant Soul Clinic” DVD.
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