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- Clinics/Master Classes/Conducting/Performing . . . for your community, festival, school, all-city/county/state choirs, or convention.
Festival Example 1: A one or two-day, weekend Festival anywhere in the world with an unlimited number of singers performing 6 - 8 of Kirby's arrangements/compositions, culminating in a final concert. Practice tracks provided. Festival Example 2: At a one-day Festival, 8 - 12 choirs each perform three pieces and are critiqued on stage. In the evening each choir sings a song followed by two or three massed choir pieces.
Clinics/Master Classes - Feedback
"...what really made it a great class was the instructor himself. Kirby is encouraging, enthusiastic, and his love of music is so infectious that soon everyone in the room is loving it too."
"...the greater lesson for me was the reminder that humor is the great facilitator of learning... that it can be a joy to learn. Kirby does it very well."
"Kirby was absolutely fantastic! It's been YEARS since the Choral Division had sessions which generated so much interest and excitement."
"Kirby: Thanks so much for a fantastic festival. I have heard only great comments from students and teachers. It was a wonderful weekend of jazz. It was also wonderful to reconnect with you after 30 years. I so enjoyed working with you. And a special thanks for all the wonderful vocal jazz compositions and arrangements from you over the years. You are truly a gift to the vocal jazz world."
"Participating in your non-competitive festival has had a catalytic effect on our level of performance, both musically and spiritually."
"You have completely revitalized the whole music department including their director!"
Conducting/Performing - Feedback
"On behalf of the Performing Arts Center, and in regards to a certain performance in our humble little theatre, I would just like to say... JEEZO-BEEZO, what a show!!!
"Just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much I dug the heck out of your concert last night. Your enthusiasm, intonation, energy, and diversity of styles were truly outstanding. I was especially impressed with the amount of material you've put together in such a short time, and also with the progress you've made in just two weeks since I heard you last. That really shows the dedication necessary to produce excellence. But more than your exhuberance and musical integrity, what I really picked up on was the unity of effort and consciousness that you radiated. The power of music is most evident to me when I see a group glow with the joy of the art and with love for each other and the audience!" Ron Revier, Music Director, Fairview High School, Boulder, CO
"The applause and response of the audience indicated dramatically what our visitors thought of the performance. In a nutshell, it was superb!"
"It's a shame you couldn't have been better received... I only detected three or four standing ovations in the evening concert!!"
"Kirby Shaw's Jazz Choir gave an outstanding performance to a packed house who gave them an enthusiastic standing ovation. Following the concert they received numerous invitations to perform at various schools throughout the state."
"You made a potentially dull affair a rewarding experience for all those who attended."
"Going to your concerts is better medicine than going to the doctor."
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